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All cases Pentax Reflex M42 screw mount ...

The preliminary M42 :
Asahi Optical Company, inspired by German reflex released his first model 
Asahiflex I (the first Japanese SLR camera using 35mm film). It was in prototype form in 1951 and production began in 1952, making it the first Japanese SLR 35mm SLR cameras with an M37 screw mount and the first model pentaprism.

Launch :
In 1957, the 
Asahi Pentax AP is the first case of the mark in M42 screw mount (called Screwmount Pentax / Praktica) and is renamed Asahi Asahi Pentax.
The manufacture of these boxes covering the period 1957 to 1972 marked especially by the 
Spotmatic released the year 1964, the first TTL SLR.

(Source : Wikipédia)

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1957 1958
Model AP Model S Model K
Asahi Pentax AP
A. Pentax AP International Japon
Tower 26
Tower 26 U.S.A.
Asahi Pentax S
A. Pentax S International Japon
Asahi Pentar
A. Pentar Afrique du Sud
Asahi Pentax k
A. Pentax K International Japon
Asahi Pentar k
A. Pentar K Afrique du Sud
Tower 29
Tower 29 U.S.A.
1959 1960
Model S2  Model S2 Military  Case démonstration 
Asahi Pentax S2
A. Pentax S2 International Japon
Asahi Pentax H2
A. Pentax H2 International 
Heiland H2Heiland H2 BlackHiland Store Demonstrator
Heiland H2 & Black & Demonstrator U.S.A.
Asahiflex H2
Asahiflex H2 Afrique du Sud
Asahi Pentax SB
A. Pentax SB Japon
Heiland Repronar
Heiland Repronar U.S.A.
Model S1 Model S2 (version 2) Super S2 Military Model S3
Asahi Pentax S1
A. Pentax S1 International
Heiland H1Honeywell H1
HeilandHoneywell H1 U.S.A.
Asahi Pentax S2
A. Pentax S2 International Japon
Heiland h2
Heiland H2 U.S.A.
Asahi Pentax SB2
A. Pentax SB2 Japon
Asahi Pentax S3
A. Pentax S3 International Japon
Heiland h3Honeywell H3Honeywell h3 Black
Heiland H3 & Honeywell & Black U.S.A.
1962 1964
Model Super S2
Model SV (version 1) Model S1a (version 1) Model SV (version 2)
Asahi Pentax Super S2
A. Pentax Super S2 Japon
Asahi Pentax SV version 1
A. Pentax SV International Japon
Honeywell H3v version 1
Honeywell H3v U.S.A.
Asahi Pentax S1a version 1
A. Pentax S1a International
Asahi Pentax SVAsahi Pentax SV Black
A. Pentax SV & Black International Japon
Honeywell H3v
Honeywell H3v U.S.A.
Model S1a (version 2) Model Spotmatic (SP) (Version 1)
Model Spotmatic (SP) (Version 2)
Asahi Pentax S1a version 1
A. Pentax S1a International
Honeywell H1a version 2
Honeywell H1a U.S.A.
Asahi Spotmatic version 1
A. Pentax SP InternationalJapon
Honeywell Spotmatic version 1
Honeywell SP U.S.A.
Asahi Spotmatic version 2
A. Pentax SP InternationalJapon
Honeywell Spotmatic version 2
Honeywell SP U.S.A.
1965 1966 1968 1970
Spotmatic (SP) Motor Drive (MD)
Model SP Data 2
Modèle Nocta Model SL Model Stéréo ST-120
Spotmatic SP
Honeywell Spotmatic MD version
Honeywell SP MD U.S.A.
Spotmatic SP
Data 2
Nocta InternationalJaponU.S.A.
Asahi Pentax SL
Asahi SL InternationalJapon
Pentax Honeywell SL
Honeywell SL U.S.A.
Stéréo ST-120
Model Spotmatic 2 (SP 2)
Model Spotmatic 2a (SP 2a) Model Spotmatic 2 Motor Drive (SP 2 MD) Model SP 2 Data 2
Asahi Spotmatic 2Asahi Spotmatic 2 Black
SP2 & Black InternationalJapon
Honeywell Spotmatic SP 2
Honeywell SP 2 U.S.A.
Honeywell Spotmatic SP 2aHoneywell Spotmatic SP 2a Black
Honeywell SP 2a & Black U.S.A.
Asahi Spotmatic 2 Motor Drive
A. SP2 MD InternationalJapon
Honeywell Spotmatic SP 2 Motor Drive
Honeywell SP 2 MD U.S.A.
Spotmatic SP 2
Data 2
1971 1973
Model Spotmatic SP 500 Electro Spotmatic Model ES Model Spotmatic SP 1000
Asahi Pentax SP 500
A. SP 500 International
Honeywell SP 500
Honeywell SP 500 U.S.A.
Asahi Electro Spotmatic
A. Electro SP Japon
Asahi Pentax ES
A. Pentax ES InternationalJapon
Honeywell ES
Honeywell ES U.S.A.
Asahi Pentax SP 1000
A. SP 1000 International
Honeywell Spotmatic SP 1000
Honeywell SP 1000 U.S.A.
Model Spotmatic F (SP F) Model Spotmatic F Motor Drive (SP F MD) SP F Data & MD Model ES 2
Asahi Spotmatic FAsahi Spotmatic F Black
SP F & Black InternationalJapon
Honeywell Spotmatic F
Honeywell F U.S.A.
Asahi Spotmatic F Motor Drive
A. SP F MD InternationalJapon
SP F Data 2 & MD
Asahi Pentax ES 2Asahi Pentax ES 2 Black
A. ES2 & Black InternationalJapon
Honeywell ES 2
Honeywell ES 2 U.S.A.
Model ES 2 MD Model ES 2 Data 2 Model ES 2 MD Data 2
ES 2
Motor Drive
ES 2
Data 2
ES 2 Data 2
Motor Drive

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